Disco Music Light
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All ages

The description of Disco Music Light Disco Music Light brings party to your mobile device , play party Sound/ Musics/ Songs with amazing backgrounds and torch light effects. - This application comes with multiple effects of flash light, mix different effects and become DJ in your party. - No other application provides 3 in One at the same time, Music + Blinking Flash Light and brightness control and Disco colors Backgrounds like our application provide, download this application once and you won't delete this ever. - Play music, Click on Torch Circle Button to start Flash Light and Click at ON Circle Button to start Disco background Colors, and Blinking Flash light Features: ★ Disco Light ON/ OFF - Blinking Stars Lights, Glow shine Colors, Glow Line, Blinking Dots, - Spark winkle Light, twinkle fireworks, multiple shining sparkling stars, - Blinking Dots, Glow Lines, ★ Select Music 10 Disco music added - Hip Hop - Disco - Rapping - Pops ★ Flash Style - Very Fast - Fast - Medium - Slow


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