Megg's Free Data
3 MB
All ages

WHAT IS MEGG'S ? Megg's gives you 50MB free data every 15 days. Users simply view non-intrusive premium adverts on their mobile phone. Adverts are served after a user ends a phone call or receives an SMS. Adverts come in the form of high quality images. Users then receive 50 MB every 15 days for MAHALA! The user will continue receiving free data for as long as they keep the Megg's App on their phones and continue viewing adverts. WHY IS THE DATA FREE ? Megg's only uses premium adverts from top international brands. The free data is sponsored by these credible brands. WHO IS MEGG'S FOR ? All Android users who want to enjoy free data. Meggs has partnered with South African TV Presenter, Actress and Producer; Minnie Dlamini to promote the App.


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